IQM CONEX 2019 (IQTech 4.0)

Innovative Quarrying Technology - Industry 4.0’

15 & 16 October 2019

Palm Garden Hotel, IOI Resort, Putrajaya


The quarrying industry, acknowledged as the important source of building material, is recognised worldwide as the foundation in the design and construction of various innovative infrastructures and amenities all aimed towards further society enrichment and progress. Contributions of the quarrying sector are thus the vital catalyst and component of any country worldwide striving for industrialised and developed nation status. With the quantum leap into the exciting era of Industry 4.0 (cyber-physical systems), the quarrying industry worldwide needs to evolve forward quickly via acquiring cutting-edge knowledge, skills and innovative practices to stay competitive whilst sustaining the growth momentum of this economic industry towards world-class status in this new dynamic technological era.  This ingenious era of Industry 4.0 is very promising and has opened up unlimited business and technological opportunities within Malaysia and worldwide. Cost-effective Industry 4.0 technology and work practices thus aims to produce the best, most efficient, accurate and effective techniques to eventually further increase the overall profits and good governance practices for this important and dynamic industry.


The theme for this year’s high-profile international quarrying conference and exhibition in this new technological era is ‘Innovative Quarrying Technology - Industry 4.0 (IQTech 4.0)’.  Industry 4.0, namely the era of cyber-physical systems; combines advanced production and operations techniques with smart digital technologies. This innovative technology also allows real-time access to large data sets that is used for detailed analysis to drive intelligent outcomes for more efficient and cost-effective management decision making. This digital reality transformation era can also alter the rules of production, operations and workforce management in quarries worldwide.

Based on the outstanding track record and strong support of the Government and industry for past IQM Conferences; this year’s IQTech 4.0 Quarrying Conference and Exhibition is definitely going to be another Great Success to further advance the quarrying industry to another level of world-class excellence. Innovative and practical Industry 4.0 digital transformation technology and economic practices would be another global asset in transforming the existing practices in the already dynamic quarrying sector towards even greater excellence.


Highlights of the pioneering and innovative Industry 4.0 technology and economic applications useful for the global quarrying industry planned for presentation at the upcoming IQTech 4.0 Quarrying Conference and Exhibition include 'Cost-effective Applications of Industry 4.0 Technology in Quarries worldwide', 'Innovative Management of Industry 4.0 in Smart Equipment Manufacturing', 'Latest trends in Rock Fragmentation/Blasting using Industry 4.0 Technology', 'Smart and Autonomous Industry 4.0 Technology in Quarry Transportation', and 'Cyber-Security Risks and Safety Precautions in Quarry Data Management'.


With so many innovative and economic Innovative 4.0 technology topics for presentation at IQTech 4.0, this acknowledged high-status event is definitely the de-facto international quarrying conference for all directly and indirectly contributing towards the successful continuous progress of this prestigious economic sector.  The main objective of IQTech 4.0 is to allow the various international and national government agencies, quarrying industry captains and equipment manufacturing technology experts a high-profile platform to present unique innovative economic technology and success stories; and also, to network at the local and international level to further progress this important economic sector- a ‘win-win’ scenario for all.


The conference expects to attract about 200 participants, both locally and internationally, comprising IQM members, public officials, professionals, suppliers, contractors and individuals from the quarrying and its related extractive industries.  The Event will also include an indoor and outdoor exhibition which will display an array of quarry equipment, services, technologies and products.


We take this opportunity to invite your esteemed Organisation to participate in this Mega Event which we hope to make it a success with your presence.   


Attached is the Conference Brochure providing full details of the 2 day event, Hotel Reservation Form and Dinner Reply Slip.  Kindly complete the forms and return with the necessary payment to the IQM Secretariat soonest.


We also take this opportunity to invite your esteemed Organisation to support us by  sponsoring a nominal sum towards this Conference and we shall reciprocate by advertising your Organisation on our Back Drop and Programme Sheet.


To make this Mega Event a success and a memorable one, a Lucky Draw Session will also be organized on 16 October 2019 and we wish for your Organisation to support us by sponsoring gifts towards the Lucky Draw. 


Indoor and Outdoor  Exhibition is open to the public.  Visiting hours and venue as follows :


15 October 2019                     16 October 2019

9.00 am – 5.00pm                     9.00am – 3.00pm


Venue : Palm Garden Hotel, Perdana Ballroom

             IOI Resort, 62502 Putrajaya

             Tel : 603-89432233



For further enquiries kindly contact Madam Nirmala Devi at Tel : 03-80624194 / 5,  

Fax : 03- 80618258 , Email : /















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